Potrait drawings might seem confusing sometimes…I had difficult time learning it ….. So what I did was to use the grid method you know it’s easy that way so I’ll advise you all learning potrait drawings out there to try the grid method it’ll make things easier for you with continuous practice
To be honest, I’m still learning potrait drawings so as the grid method helped me I decided to share it so we all can grow together

Try new things!!!!

As we all know as an artist you have to try out new things…… You can discover without searching or experimenting
That thing, that idea in your mind you have to make it alive
A day ago I was just sitting on the table then decided to mix watercolour,markers ,pencil, colour pencils and ink and it gave me this
Try something new
Don’t say “heyy it’s not my field ” or “I got no business with it” …. Just try something new!!!!
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